Homework Assignments


1 Raquel and Rene
2 Sharmistha and Arthur
3 Mickey and Xingchen
4 Daniel and Alex
5 Sarah and Eric
6 Jordan and Audrey
7 Esther and Taeree
8 Sriram and Camille

The presentations will be done in the following order: 

7 1 2 3 6 8 4 5

Groups will need to prepare the solutions to the assigned problems in latex by the due date (please email the latex and pdf files to the instructor). The file with the latex template will be send by email. 


Group 7: Problems 5, 8 and 10 (HW1) on Tuesday January 19

Group 1: Problems 16 and 18 (HW1) on Thursday January 21 

Group 2: Problems 7 and 11 (HW2) due on Thursday Jan 28

Group 3: Problem 6 (HW3) due on Tuesday Feb 2

Group 6: Problem 3 (HW4) due on Thurday Feb 18

Group 8: Problem 6 (HW4) due on Tuesday March 1st

Group 4: Problem 7 (HW4) due on Tuesday March 1st

EVERYBODY: Please go to http://cbms-mum.soe.ucsc.edu/Material.html and download Lecture 1: Reproducibility of Science: Impact of Bayesian testing and multiplicity as well as the video available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlcPTP-X_Ow. This lecture was given by Prof. Jim Berger at the CBMS Regional Conference in Mathematical Sciences on Model Uncertainty and Multiplicities. The video has some technical issues during the first 7-8 mins, but should be OK after that. It also covers more material than that presented in Lecture 1, but you only need to cover Lecture 1. Please watch the video and the slides and write a summary (max 2 pages) of the video/slides and share your impressions. The summary is due on March 1st.



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